If you are looking for a community of care and support look no further. We are here to bridge adult connections and empowerment. We have adapted our Adult Day Center model into a virtual community. This means continuing to provide you with our structured programs and services that will increase the well-being for you and your family. Through one-on-one sessions, live group activities and pre-recorded content we are here to support you in finding connection and community through the screen and beyond.

Course Subjects


Exercise is one of the most highly requested activities at our day centers. These courses will provide fun and accessible activities for the older adults to get up and move. 

Cognitive Activities

A key in supporting older adults in keeping their minds active. Frequent engagement in mentally stimulating activities like trivia, riddles, and word games are beneficial to brain health. 


Time in green spaces and out in nature is often not accessible to older adults due to transportation and ambulation barriers. We will be brining the nature to you as we walk through gardens with videos and horticultural activities. 


With both educational and entertaining content, we will cover history of foods and cultural background. We also have how to videos with simple recipes that are easy and accessible for our older adults to attempt in their homes.

Membership Includes

  • Access to full library of courses

  • One-on-one sessions with the VVP team
  • Live group activities with other members

  • Computer equipment including: Chromebook, 24 inch monitor, keyboard, mouse, camera, and user manual.  

Explore our new fascinating courses

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